Nerf Longstrike

Lonstrike has come to take Longshot's place. However, we can clearly see that some Nerfers still preferring the Longshot. Why? Because Longshot can be modded and shoot up to 100 ft. Longstrike can't. Of course Longstrike can be modded, but it will never shoot as far as Longshot.

Shooting System

Longstrike uses the Nerf Clip System which is very simple to use. However, the clip system uses only Streamline darts which aren´t accurate. So... Im trying to understand: Why does a blaster designed for sniping was made to support only Streamline darts?
I think Streamline darts were made just for range, because they go very far. But a sniper don´t need range if the range will finish with the accuracy.
The Longstrike uses a spring powered reverse-plunger mechanism. This spring powered reverse-plunger system is similar to the Raider and Recon system.

For shooting this blaster, pull the pin back, load the clip and push the pin back. Finally, you are ready to shoot. The clip which comes with the Longstrike holds 6 darts, but you can buy extra clips at toy stores. Here is a short video of how to load the Nerf Longstrike:

Size and Design

Longstrike has a very realistic design which is very similar to a sniper rifle. It's the biggest Nerf blaster ever and it´s perfect for big guys. However, for little guys, this blaster is very big, and doesn't seems to fits correctly on their hands.
Longstrike colors are blue, orange and yellow. Those colors are great, because they are perfect for camouflage. The design of this blaster is really awesome!

Longstrike looks evil!

In the Box

This blaster comes packaged with 6 streamline darts and 1 Nerf clip. It comes separated in 3 parts:

Barrel: responsable for improving the accuracy.
Main Blaster: responsable for shooting the darts.
Shoulder Stock: holds 2 Nerf clips.

The averange range I got after testing it was 10.23 meters.

Without the Shoulder Stock

Without the Barrel

Scale comparison to Recon



  1. Man, I have already heard about the Longshot's high distance range after the mods. That's a shame that it's not sold on the most of the Brazilian Stores. They should send this gun to Brazil righat away! Anyway, I still think that the nerf Longstrike is way prettier than the Longstrike, but beauty isn't what matters in a nerf war... :D

  2. I know that beauty isn´t what matter in Nerf Wars. And... I didn´t understand one thing: Longstrike is way prettier than the Longstrike???
    And... Yes... Longshot rocks after some mods!

  3. No, sorry, it's way prettier than the LONGSHOT, I made a mistake :D